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Formal Ontology of Action

Formal Ontology of Action

Dane szczegółowe:
Wydawca: Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski, KUL
Rok wyd.: 2008
Ilość stron: 218 s.
Wymiar: 176x250 mm
EAN: 9788373637344
ISBN: 978-83-7363-734-4
Data: 2008-11-18
18.43 do koszyka pozycja dostępna Wyślemy w czasie: 24 h

Formal Ontology of Action - Robert Trypuz - opis książki:


1 Introduction

1.2 Sources of knowledge — interdisciplinary approach
1.3 Methodology and main assumptions
1.4 Structure of the volume

2 Ontologies
2.1 Ontology and ontologies
2.2 What is an ontology?
2.3 What is a formal ontology of action
2.4 Overview of some ontologies
2.5 Final considerations

3 What is an action?
3.1 Agent—an essential component of action
3.1.1 "Agent" in philosophy
3.1.2 Artificial agent
3.2 Philosophy of action
3.2.1 Intentional action
3.2.2 Relational view: no action
3.2.3 Trying in philosophy of action
3.2.4 Control
3.3 Action related works
3.3.1 Dynamic logic and planning
3.3.2 Modal logic of agency
3.4 Final considerations

4 An ontology of agents and choices in branching time
4.1 Introduction to STIT logic and its models
4.1.1 Chellas`s STIT
4.1.2 The BT+AC structure—a basis for STIT models
4.1.3 Why Chellas`s STIT?
4.2 Towards an ontology of agency
4.3 Ontology of agents and choices in branching time—Onto STIT
4.4 The relation between Chellas`s STIT and Onto STIT
4.5 How to express agency in Onto STIT
4.6 Models of Onto STIT
4.6.1 Completeness
4.6.2 Bundled trees and trees
4.6.3 Soundness
4.7 Final considerations

5 A basic ontology of action
5.1 Agentive and causal gaps
5.2 Onto STIT+
5.2.1 Language and axiomatization of Onto STIT+
5.2.2 Understanding the agent`s choices
5.2.3 Agency in Onto STIT+
5.2.4 Filling agentive and causal gaps
5.3 Final Considerations

6 An ontology of action extended with mental attitudes
6.1 Mental attitudes in computer science: the BDI model
6.1.1 Properties of mental attitudes in the BDI model
6.1.2 Intention defined
6.1.3 A logic of intention and attempt (?1A)
6.1.4 Summary
6.2 Onto STIT+extended with mental attitudes
6.2.1 Three kinds of intention
6.2.2 Properties of mental attitudes in Onto STIT+
6.2.3 From the beginning to end of the action
6.2.4 Onto STIT+ in action
6.3 Case study—the Video Game puzzle
6.3.1 The Video Game scenario
6.3.2 Onto STIT+meets the VG puzzle
6.3.3 CIA meets the VG puzzle
6.3.4 Discussion
6.4 Final considerations

7 An ontology of the aspectual classes of actions
7.1 Semantic properties of the aspectual classes
7.2 Aspectual classes in Onto STIT+
7.2.1 The framework
7.2.2 Activity
7.2.3 Culminated process
7.2.4 Activity associated with a culminated process
7.2.5 Culmination
7.2.6 State
7.3 Dealing with the Imperfective Paradox
7.4 Mental attitudes and aspectual classes
7.5 Final considerations

8 Towards extending DOLCE with an action
8.1 Action in existing top-ontologies and Word Net
8.1.1 Word Net 3.0
8.1.2 Open Cyc
8.1.3 SUMO
8.2 A short introduction to DOLCE
8.2.1 DOLCE-Lite+
8.3 From Onto STIT+ to DOLCE
8.3.1 Time
8.3.2 Agents, patients and actions
8.3.3 Aspectual classes
8.3.4 Mental attitudes
8.3.5 Action and bodily movement in DOLCE
8.3.6 Towards further extensions

9 Conclusion
9.1 Summary
9.2 Future work

A Glossary of categories and relations of Onto STIT+

B.1 Notation and introductory notes
B.2 Definitions
B.2.1 Mereological Definitions
B.2.2 Quality
B.2.3 Temporal and Spatial Quale
B.2.4 Being present
B.2.5 Inclusion and Coincidence
B.2.6 Perdurant
B.2.7 Participation
B.2.8 Dependence and Spatial Dependence
B.2.9 Constitution
B.3 Characterization of primitive relations
B.3.1 Parthood
B.3.2 Temporary Parthood
B.3.3 Constitution
B.3.4 Participation
B.3.5 Quality
B.3.6 Quale
B.3.7 Dependence and Spatial Dependence
B.3.8 Being Present
B.4 Characterization of Categories
B.4.1 Region
B.4.2 Quality
B.4.3 Perdurant
B.4.4 Endurant
B.5 Glossary of DOLCE`s Basic Categories (1)
B.6 Glossary of DOLCE`s Basic Categories (2)

Książka „Formal Ontology of Action” - Wydawnictwo Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski, KUL.

Książka posiada 218 stron i została wydana w 2008 r.

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