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The Road to Independence - Solidarność 1980-2005

The Road to Independence - Solidarność 1980-2005

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Ilość stron: 195 s.
Wymiar: 210x297 mm
EAN: 9788372331717
ISBN: 83-7233-171-5
Data: 2005-08-19
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The Road to Independence - Solidarność 1980-2005 - opis wydawcy:

Today we look back on the events of the 1980s through the prism of the yictory which in 1989 brought us freedom and democracy. But the years that followed did not absolve us of the necessity of fighting for people`s right to a decent life in accordance with the solidarity message. The idea of a great, universal Solidarity, first launched in Poland, spread throughout the world with no regard for borders or walls. It was able to topple them in the name of peace. Today it must show itself capable of building.
Attempts were made to take away our solidarity. That was the goal of martial law declared in Poland in 1981. It was not achieved. Martial law did not deprive us of unity, although many experienced moments that shook their faith. It did not deprive us of hope, although there was no lack of pain due to the loss of loved ones and the longing for those behind bars. Above all, it did not take away our solidarity. It did rob us of our time and did delay the moment when we would achieve freedom. But freedom would eventually come, because we did not let ourselves be broken and endured. In times of trial we kept the words of the Holy Father in mind. We really did want to change the face of this earth. His pilgrimage to the Homeland fortifled us and, above all, allowed us to count our ranks. We felt that the cause of freedom, our cause was backed by millions of people desiring change.
The social costs of the old system in Poland and other countries of the former Soviet bloc have however been very high indeed. We continue to pay the price right down to the present. The old system deformed characters, depraved people and introduced diyisions even amongst the nearest of kin. Still, we mustered within ourselves enough strength to speak up for human dignity and our right to freedom. That is what solidarity`s struggle for a normal life was all about. The impossible became reality. The road to freedom and the hope for better times, for a life of abundance and peace opened before us.
We continue to strive towards those goals today in a different reality. Conditions have changed, but the solidarity message remains and must remain current. The power that led us to yictory remains our foundation and common good. Freedom was given to us as a task, a daily task of struggling for peace, worker rights and inter-human justice.
During the some 15 years since we regained out freedom we can see that we have failed to enshrine solidarity into the categories of a new epoch. We still have not learnt how to translate it into a new language. That is lacking in the local, national and global dimension. We must beat our breasts. The weakness of human nature can be justified by the joy of regaining freedom, by satisfaction at technological advances, but that does not explain losing sight of basic goals stemming from the higher good and fundamental values.
The time for an examination of conscience, the time to make amends has come! It is time to return to tried and tested values! This is a particular challenge in this age of globalisation. We must make the 21st century an age of solidarity transcending the national and continental - an age of global solidarity. That is the task facing all of us today!
Lech Wałęsa

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