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Michał Spisak. Improvvisazione

Dane szczegółowe:
Wydawca: Euterpe
Rok wyd.: 2017
Oprawa: miękka
Ilość stron: 32 s.
Wymiar: 235x320 mm
EAN: 9790801507693
ISBN: 9790801507693
Data: 2019-01-25
Cena wydawcy: 41.26 złpozycja niedostępna

Opis podręcznika:

Improvvisazione is arranged in the form of consecutive and contrasting segments of musical narrative: Moderato, Lento, Allegro, Andante, Allegro, Tranquillo, Allegro. The work combines an improvisational character with neoclassical techniques. Intertwined in the piece are: motivic work with surprising inventiveness of musical material, virtuosic runs of contemplation, and atonality with reminiscences of tonality. Also chracteristic of the composition are textural variation and a percussive treatment of the instruments. Both the violin and piano parts require of the performer maturity and remarkable technical proficiency.

Podręcznik „Michał Spisak. Improvvisazione” - oprawa miękka - Wydawca: Euterpe.