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Discovering Polish. A Learners Grammar

Discovering Polish. A Learners Grammar

Dane szczegółowe:
Wydawca: PROLOG
Rok wyd.: 2010
Oprawa: miękka
Ilość stron: 204 s.
Wymiar: 170x240 mm
EAN: 9788360229125
ISBN: 9788360229125
Data: 2015-11-20
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Discovering Polish. A Learners Grammar - opis wydawcy:

Learners Grammar for Polish as a foreign language (in three languages: Polish, English and German) is a systematic presentation of Polish grammar through which the author invites learners to have fun and independently discover the grammatical structures of the Polish language. Such a method of introducing the complexity of Polish grammar is especially learner-friendly and motivating. In turn, many humorous examples, sample sentences and illustrations explaining more challenging grammar problems facilitate the acquisition and retention of grammar rules. For those who prefer a more traditional approach to learning, the author presents clear tables and commentaries.

Learners Grammar in English and German have been compiled comparatively. This allows foreign language learners to quickly grasp structural differences between Polish and English, and Polish and German respectively, which in turn leads to a more swift acquisition of Polish grammar.

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Liliana Madelska, Geoffrey Schwartz - autor m.in.:
Hurra!!! Discovering Polish A Learners - okładka podręcznika
Hurra!!! Discovering Polish A Learners Grammar Liliana Madelska, Geoffrey Schwartz;
Odkrywamy język polski - okładka książki
Odkrywamy język polski Liliana Madelska, Małgorzata Warchoł-Schlottmann;
Sobota, 23 Marca 2019 roku.