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Soft Melodies and Sweet Songs

Soft Melodies and Sweet Songs

Dane szczegółowe:
Wytwórnia: Intense Media
Rok wyd.: 2013
Rodzaj nośnika: twarda
EAN: 4053796000064
Data: 2013-04-09
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Soft Melodies and Sweet Songs - opis wydawcy:

Love-songs and dreamy melodies have always been a staple of pop-music be it in the US, in England, Germany, or anywhere else in the world. Love, loss and suffering were and always will be a recurring theme. Love-songs of this kind found their way to the top of all categories in pop-music, country & western, rhythm & blues and Jazz. With this unique collection of great and successful tearjerkers, one can (with just a little bit of fantasy) initiate and wind up a dreamlike (and erotic) evening. No woman or man can resist the charm of these 200 titles. Just add a little something extra: candle-light and some good wine will work with the music to make this a memorable evening.

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