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Rescue Me

Dane szczegółowe:
Wydawca: Harper Collins Publ. UK
Rok wyd.: 2012
Oprawa: miękka
Ilość stron: 376 s.
Wymiar: 105x170 mm
EAN: 9780062069122
ISBN: 978-00-6206-912-2
Data: 2012-07-24
Cena wydawcy: 35.35 złpozycja niedostępna

Rescue Me - Rachel Gibson - opis książki:

Shes 33, unmarried, and stuffed into a Bubble Yum pink bridesmaid dress. And the whole town wants to fix her up with anyone with a dental plan. . .

Whos going to rescue Sadie Hollowell now Everyone in Lovett, Texas, knows Sadie has always been anotional" kind of gal. She got a notion to leave town ASAP and never visit her daddy (bless his heart) again. Now shes back and got the notion to invite a good-looking, hard-muscled, total stranger to her cousins wedding. Better a stranger than some of the losers shes dated.

Vince Haven got his muscles the hard way as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan. Hes staying in Lovett to visit his crazy aunt the proprietor of the local Gas and Go. Before he can get the heck back out of the small town, his aunt makes him an offer he cant refuse. Maybe hell stick around Lovett for a while. Maybe hell make ago" of the Gas and Go. Maybe hell rescue Sadie out of that pink dress!

Książka „Rescue Me” - oprawa miękka - Wydawnictwo Harper Collins Publ. UK.

Książka posiada 376 stron i została wydana w 2012 r.

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