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Tytuł książki:

Looking good dead

Autor książki:

Peter James

Dane szczegółowe:
Wydawca: Macmillan Publishers Ltd
Rok wyd.: 2006
Oprawa: miękka
Ilość stron: 522 s.
Wymiar: 110x180 mm
EAN: 9780330434201
ISBN: 0330434209
Data: 2008-11-13
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Opis książki:

Its a tricky proposition, changing horses midstream. And with Looking Good Dead, Peter James continues to do just that. The author’s reputation as a purveyor of subtly chilling horror and fantasy had been carefully built up over many years, and James had few British peers in this field. But that is not quite the compliment it sounds, for the horror field is in one of its frequent slumps at present, and apart from a few American giants such as Stephen King, some highly talented figures have languished, in some cases even forfeiting their publishers. Its possible that Peter James saw the way the wind was blowing, and decided to move on from his hitherto lucrative horror work, returning to the crime arena (in which he’d worked before) with the adroit Dead Simple, the inaugural book in the series featuring Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. If DS Grace was cut from a familiar cloth (copper struggling with psychological problems), the plotting was innovative and fresh.

Książka "Looking good dead" - Peter James - oprawa miękka - Wydawnictwo Macmillan Publishers Ltd. Książka posiada 522 stron i została wydana w 2006 r.