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Tytuł książki:

Warsaw. Przewodnik

Dane szczegółowe:
Wydawca: Marco Polo
Oprawa: miękka
Ilość stron: 96 s.
Wymiar: 105x190 mm
EAN: 9788370003364
ISBN: 83-700-336-2
Cena wydawcy: 7.10 złpozycja niedostępna

Opis książki:

Rok wydania: 1995; Zobacz spis treści.

Książka "Warsaw. Przewodnik" - oprawa miękka - Wydawnictwo Marco Polo.

Spis treści:

Discover Warsaw
Like Carthage, sentenced to death m 1944, today the great metropolis pulsates with life

Places to see
Every Varsovian will first of all show you the way to the /"Starówka/", that is the Old Tewn, a world-rank historie monument

Two hours in a museum
The National Museum has not gol such masterpieces as the Louvre has, but onty here you can see the fabulous frescoes from Far as in Nubia

Where to eat
Polish eateries serve traditional Polish meals as well as those from other cuisines: European, Asiatic and American

Shopping ideas
Amber set in silver or souenirs from Cepelia shops may be the best idea, but do haye a look ai theflea market called Bazar Różyckiego

A lordly bed
Or even an imperial one ifyou stay in the Bristol Holel. Just read the visiton book

Warsaw events
The major international evems lakę place in May, September and October

Where to go at night br> We shal! try to help you choose the most attractive place for you

Useful a to z tips
Never too much ofinformation

Keep this in mind!
Where to be careful, what to avoid>

The money it all costs

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